Payment Gateway
The Power of
Global Business...
in the Palm of Your Hand!
Bridging the Gap to World Markets

Finally...an Alternative to Traditional Merchant Services,
e-Wallets, PayPal, Payroll Providers & 3rd Party Processors...

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Operating an international business often results in multiple and costly payment challenges.

Not anymore. Now you can own your own "Private Custom Payment Gateway"...and  

eliminate the Costs/Challenges associated with traditional payment methods.


Own Your Own Private e-Global Payment Gateway
& Earn Residual Income from Gateway Usage!

Not an e-Wallet or White Label Program... 

e-Global is a “Closed-loop Cloud-based" International Payment Gateway…the equivalent
of owning your own private PayPal network.
  Each gateway consists of international businesses and financial institutions linked to individual private networks; and is custom built  to meet
each client’s specific business needs, style and brand.  And, unlike traditional payment gateways...each client has full control of all transaction limits and pricing. 


As a closed-loop private gateway there is NO public open-enrollment.  Gateway access is "by invitation only"; exclusive to registered “Member-only” Users.  The gateway owner ("Host")invites their End-Users to open a FREE e-Global Virtual Account via a private link to their 
custom e-Global gateway. Once enrolled, Users can make and receive payments 24/7
directly to/from the Host and other Users on the same private gateway.

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The "NO COST" Way to Pay...


and Send/Receive Funds Globally!


Virtual PayMaster


All Funds Guaranteed as Cash!


Security, Privacy & Dependability


Secure Global Payments...in Seconds!


The e-Global Advantage


Your Payments...Your Way!  

All e-Global transactions are
securely processed in
"Real Time" (seconds)…as Cash!


e-Global is the perfect solution for companies that transact sales, employ people worldwide; or that send/receive payments from domestic and international distributors, members, suppliers…even creditors; collectively your “End-Users”.  

And since e-Global eliminates the middlemen, there are NO funds collection, disbursement or settlement costs.  Unlike traditional processing services…ALL funds processed through your private e-Global gateway are deposited directly into YOUR business bank accounts.


STOP Losing Interest!

Best of all, you never have to “pre-fund” your payment provider’s account weeks/days ahead of disbursement.  With e-Global's Virtual Payment Technology your money remains in your business bank account until the Payee opts to transfer it to their own account.


Multiple Countries

Multiple Currencies

Multiple World Banks


Unlike traditional processing services, gateway usage is driven by the transaction limits/pricing created by the Host and is paid by the End-User. Revenue generated from usage (residuals)  can be used to reduce, even eliminate, all of the Host's accounts payable and receivable delivery costs:


  • NO Credit Card Processing Fees

  • NO Bank Wire & Money Transfer Fees

  • NO ACH & NSF Check Fees

  • NO Advance Funding Required

  • NO Payroll Disbursement Costs

  • NO Recurring Prepaid Card Costs, etc.

Users can also invite their family members, friends and business associates to join your gateway; exponentially increasing your potential customer base, brand exposure...
and transactional revenue.

 State-of-the-Art Security Systems
 designed to keep your
Data & Money Safe!


Our Strategic Partners are ranked amongst the top 100 security specialists in their respective fields.  And by combining the highest anti-fraud encryption standards with state-of-the-art performance...our  security systems are designed  to do just one thing…keep your data and your money safe. 


There are a total of three (3) Executive Portals associated with each e-Global system:


  • Private e-Global Payment Gateway

  • Administrative Merchant Office (e-Comm)

  • Administrative Master Panel (Back-office)


All gateway activity is tracked, reported and assessible in "real-time"; allowing you to monitor, evaluate, reconcile and update your business activities as needed. 


Fraud Prevention/Protection:  e-Global adheres to strict KYB/KYC Compliance Procedures To further protect the security and privacy of our clients' data, End-users personally enter their personal and  financial information into the system; and ownership of all data is verified prior to use.  Once verified, all data is encrypted (PCI/DSS and other encryption protocols); therefore preventing any future breach or unauthorized use. 

e-Global Payment  Gateway
 Your Turn-key Payment Solution


e-Global allows you to provide low-cost payment options to your Users while saving money and earning monthly residuals for
your business:


  • 0.00% AP/AR Processing Costs 

  • “Good Funds” Cash Settlements

  • Eliminates the middlemen...

  • Funds deposit directly to your Bank Acct

  • Leverage funds to business advantage

  • Low-cost International Funds Transfers

  • 24/7 Online & Mobile Access

  • Auto-Invoicing & Recurring Payments

  • Multiple Load/Off-load Options

  • Reloadable Int'l Prepaid & Virtual MC 

  • Seven (7) Level Security Protection

  • OFAC/Patriot Act, KYC/KYB Compliant

  • 24/7 Customer Service 

  • Real-time e-Mail & SMS Messaging

  • Fraud Prevention/Protection

  • Real-time Transaction Management, Tracking  & Reporting

  • One-time Development Cost…Life-time Savings & Residual Income!