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Profiting Your Business at the...  Speed of $wipe! 


Accept All Major Credit CASH!

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Increasing your bottom line is..."as easy as"




Enter sale amount:   $10.00

The system automatically adds the service charge (flat rate or %) to the sale amount. 

For example, by applying our
standard service charge of 3.50%


 $10.00 x 3.50% = $0.35

$10.00 + $0.35 = $10.35

Total Sale Amount:  $10.35 

Offer your customer a $0.35 discounfor paying in cash.  If they choose to pay with their credit or debit card, upon approval...



100% of the sale amount (10.00) 

is deposited into your business bank account…and is available as CASH
the Next Business Day!


The $0.35 service charge is paid directly to the processing company! 

Sample Customer Receipts

Know that you have options when determining your service fee. In some cases, a fixed flat per-transaction fee is the best method, while other businesses have better results with a percentage.



And, while we prefer to eliminate
all your processing costs, some merchants choose to split the fee
with their customers.* 


At the end of the month, you'll receive a statement detailing all the sales processed through your account.

Total Processing Cost: $30.00/mo.

 "Unlimited" Transactions $1.00 a Day!​

*If you choose to split the fee with your customer, your monthly processing cost will be higher than $30.00

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How to Explain "Cash Discount" to your Customers

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