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Guaranteed Business Financing


Comprehensive Business Financing & Credit Building System

Your Business will NEVER Be Declined!

Know your business is APPROVED "BEFORE" you apply to Lenders


Funding Programs

Building Business Credit

What You Need

Become Bankable

 Pre-Qualify Now!


Business Plan Format (5-10 Pages)

a.  Executive Summary

- Brief history of the business

- Overview of products/services

- How much money you need to raise and why

b.  Marketing Analysis

- How are the products/services going to be distributed

- Pricing Policies

- Advertising Plans/Goals

c.  Resumes

- Management Team

d.  Pro-forma

- 3-5 Year Projections (Income & Expenses)

- Current Financial Conditions (Bank Statements, Tax Returns, etc.)

e.  Company Overview

- Organization Type (Inc., LLC, etc.)

- Management Structure

- Products & Services

- Trends in the Industry

- Key Strengths & Weaknesses


f.  Exhibits & Attachments

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